SLDF Charity Objectives

The constitution of the company:

Requires the company to pursue charitable purposes only and to apply its income in promoting those purposes.

The company aims to:

(a)  carry out its principal purpose of developing water safety initiatives through research, activities, campaigns, supportive educational resources for delivery to the community;

(b)  develop, test and outsource appropriate technology and recourses where necessary to distribute water safety products, devices and reports to local councils, State and Federal Governments, professional organisations and the general public;

(c)  increase awareness and promote Water Safety in respect of Waterways including but not limited to Water-Based Activities;

(d)  undertake initiatives that assist Water Rescue Emergency Services to effectively deliver and carry out their services for the benefit of the community; and

(e)  undertake initiatives that provide assistance to Water Rescue Emergency Services in the search for, and location of, missing persons and vessels.

In furtherance to the Company’s objects, but without limiting powers, it may:
(f)  produce community service announcements and other programming for people to aid and provide assistance in the promotion of Water Safety;

(g)  work with government and other organisations to improve Water Safety in connection with Water-Based Activities and further, identify any potential black-spots, hazardous locations and high safety risk areas for the development and establishment of practical, preventable protocols, systems and procedures;

(h)  undertake professional training programs and specialised services for Members to educate the public in the use of innovative Water Safety and rescue, educational programs, research services, equipment and counselling support in accordance with the requirements of any relevant legislation and authorities;

(i)  proactively educate, identify and raise awareness within communities of all aspects of Water Safety, rescue and survival with a high profile presence on and around Waterways;

(j)  support Water Rescue Emergency Services, where possible, through the provision of any new research or information that would assist in the education of Water Safety without obligation or guarantee of recovering costs incurred when life is threatened, or on a fee-for-service basis with all such fees used to finance the cost of providing and improving the service for the benefit of the community;

(k)  provide or cause to provide emergency and other services to interested parties;

(l)  provide, maintain and support any activity, including that of State and Federal authorities in connection with Water Safety;

(m)  advertise, print and publish any newspapers, periodicals, books, leaflets, media, films, DVD’s, or websites that the Company may think desirable for the promotion of the Company and its objects including Water Safety;

(n)  secure funding, loans, hold fundraising events or other means of financial support from State and Federal Governments, local governing bodies, companies, businesses, private individuals for carrying out the objects of the Company;

(o)  lease, purchase, borrow or otherwise acquire suitable equipment and premises for meetings and carrying on the work of a charitable organisation for the purpose of carrying into effect the objects of the Company in this clause 1.3; and

(p)  to do all such further things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects in this clause 1.3.


(a)  Water-Based Activities means activities commonly undertaken on Waterways including, but not limited to, rock fishing, sailing, swimming and surf craft related activities;

(b)  Water Safety means water safety measures in connection with the prevention and reduction of incidents of drowning and associated injury and loss of life;

(c)  Water Rescue Emergency Services means any recognised organisation that provides emergency and rescue services on Waterways including, but not limited to, surf lifesaving clubs, government emergency services; and rescue agencies; and

(d)  Waterways mean public beaches, ocean pools, residential pools and any other waterways used in connection with Water-Based Activities.


ABN: 33 164 893 261
ACN: 164 893 261
TFN: 950 657 660
ACNC: 33 164 893 261

*A Charity is a not for profit organisation that raises money to achieve its own goals and core values. A charity contributes to the community by actively participating in and providing services that will make change happen.

*A Foundation is a non- profit organisation that raises money to provide valuable support to charity’s and programs that allow them to establish services within the community and make a difference.




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