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Jess Greenwood, May 10th, 2013

I felt so off my path, so “un-real”… for about 8 months to be exact, and after a few gruesome jobs at work where iexperienced first hand  the tragedy and suffering so many humans experience. I had to step back and really weigh up what i was making my life about. Juggling work with surfing, but putting everything into my career and falling exhausted (mentally,physically and emotionally) into the water on my days off. Although my job is demanding and directly involved with servicing the community, it still didn’t seem “right” or positive to me, to be helping people whilst i was in such a “wrong” state of mind. I was drinking excessively (for my normal standards at least)  as a coping mechanism to deal with my own pressure at work and at home and i definitely wasn’t asking for help all too much…