2013 Memorial Paddle Out – Acrylic Blocks

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We have a selection of 20mm Thick Acrylic Blocks which feature photos from Christopher Drake’s memorial paddle out on March 28th 2013. Acrylic Blocks are beautiful displays for home or office, they can stand alone on a desk or shelf or be mounted onto a wall.

There is only 1 of each photo to be sold.

People are able pick up from our office in Brookvale, NSW Australia. We also have free delivery for residents on the Northern Beaches.

For all other locations please contact us on (02) 9905 9228 or [email protected] and we can arrange a shipping quote.

We understand that the images in the gallery may be too small for you to make a final decision. If you would like to view the full size of any of the images please contact us [email protected]

Number Dimensions (W x H)  Price
#003 10.5 x 14.8  $    55.00
#009 30.48 x 10.29  $    65.00
#010 29.7 x 21  $  100.00
#027 21 x 14.8  $    65.00
#030 21 x 14.8  $    65.00

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